Trains, Planes and Automobiles….

A simple return home from The Netherlands to Portsmouth via Dusseldorf and Southampton became unusually long, tiring and traumatic last week – it took me 21 hours for what usually takes 6 hours. Having left the office in Heerlen at 430pm, I arrived as usual at the airport for my FlyBe flight back home on Thursday […]

Alpha versus Iota

I learned an important lession in in-significance in the last two weeks. Alpha-girl  (AG) has now moved out so Alpha-boy (AB) almost within minutes has regained his place as the top of the pack. It was explemfied yesterday evening after mother-figure (MF) and I returned from two days not here – one night away. We […]

Grandfather, father and son

I was a son became a father and am now a grandfather. Being a son was tough in my youth, philosophical differences with my ‘dad’ on life, mundane ones such as music and literature and days spent fishing for carp, barbel and chub were a joy despite those differences. We didn’t have much money when […]


so we walk home and it starts raining coats in the garage hair all dripping jeans in the radiator isn’t going to the pub supposed to be fun then you ruin it with an arduous walk home  in the rain…….


Well hello from the Mac … Got in early today so I could leave early but still got lots done. Waiting on a email from the US to confirm a software upgrade has gone in. At home since 5pm and then a quick trip for some hairdressing (on me not by me) to tidy up […]

Monday catch-up

A new week and counting down to holidays. Seven weeks to go to a nice warm break in the Canary  Islands at my favourite hotel. To sate my thirst for some luxury we are heading off to London on Saturday to try to find a show in the West End and depending on the weather […]